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Bal Sanskar Kendra

Bal Sanskar Shala Abhiyan (Cultural Values Development Workshop for Kids)

Sensitive, Moral and Patriotic Young Generation
Cultural Values Development Sunday School for Kids

  • For Physical, Mental, Intellectual and Spiritual development of our future generation.
  • Introduce children to human values and our rich cultural heritage

Our goal is to run at least 1 such workshops in each suburb.


  • To inculcate divine qualities in children
  • To make them goal oriented
  • To make them savior of our culture
  • To make them introspective, self-reliant and devoted volunteer
  • To increase their efficiency and effectiveness
  • To develop human values through innovative methods
  • To hone their personality
  • To make them sparkling diamonds

Our Work Plan


  • 2 Hour Sunday classes for children aged between 9 to 13 years
  • It is an effort to make divine family with the help of Acharyas, Students and Parents.

Benefits to Children, Teachers and Society


  • It is an innovative program of "Yug Nirman Yojna" which improves physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of our future generation.
  • Children become familiar with our culture and human values.
  • It is easy to mold children at young age.
  • Teachers get self satisfaction of shaping the new generation.
  • It is a noble cause of national/social service.
  • All revolutions were initiated by cultured youth.
  • Generation gap can be reduced through these workshops.

Our Expectation

Let's live our childhood again through this program !

Let's run at least one such workshop and inspire others !!

The teaching at Gayatri Bal Sanskar Kendra is done by volunteer teachers, and is based on a curriculum prepared on the guidelines of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, a unique university established on the principles of the ancient universities of Nalanda and Takshashila, and Shantikunj (the headquarters of All World Gayatri Pariwar) in Haridwar, India.

The program includes highly interactive lecture demonstration s, panel discussions, individual and group exercises, Q&A sessions, participant presentations, and workshops and is FREE OF CHARGE


Students at Gayatri Bal Sanskar Kendra will be exposed to and taught about:

* Pranayam exercises
* Yoga and Holistic Health practices
* The Foundation Pillars of Indian culture
* Daily worship
* Laws of Karma
* Mantra
* Yoga
* Prayer
* Listening to the Inner Voice
* Meditation
* Character building
* Sacramental Rites
* Personality Development
* Jivan Sadhana
* Power of Thoughts
* Ethics and Morality
* Importance of Self Control
* Human Values and Human Life

Classes run from 10:00am to 12:00pm every other Sunday throughout the school year at

Niyati  & Parag Wani

Venue 1 :
Toongabbie Community Center
244 Targo Rd, Toongabbie NSW 2146
Mob: 0421 403 852

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Shweta & Rohit Aggarwal

Venue 2 :
Bella Vesta
Mob: 0437 106 626

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Niyati  Wani & Parag Wani

Venue 3 :
41, Blackheath St, The Ponds,  NSW 2769
Mob: 0430 214 841

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Teachers @ BSK :

1) Shweta & Rohit Aggrawal
2) Niyati & Parag Wani